About Us

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The Company

Foundation Systems is a Limited Liability Company registered in 1992 with RC 208804 to carry out Civil Engineering Contracting services in Nigeria. The company was registered with special emphasis on the areas of foundation works and geotechnical engineering processes.

Since its establishment in 1992, Foundation Systems has handled various piling and geotechnical engineering works for diverse projects covering a wide range of the applications of foundations engineering solution to civil engineering problems.



Our vision at Foundation Systems is to become the global reference point in the provision of integrated foundation and piling services within the Civil Engineering industry in Africa. In keeping with this.


Our mission is to give ultimate client and end-user satisfaction by providing professional foundation services through the application of best practices, techniques and machinery operated by the best professional workforce.

Our Goals and Objectives

At Foundation Systems, we have established tactical and strategic goals that are geared towards the realization of our vision and concomitant mission. The goals are smart and tailored to our mission. The following form our tactical goals and cumulatively represent the strategic initiative of Foundation Systems.

  1. To specialize in the area of foundation engineering within the larger Civil Engineering industry.
  2. To deploy highly skilled, qualified and trained professional engineers in the design and execution of all projects.
  3. To adopt environment-friendly systems and approaches in the design and execution of all projects.
  4. To adopt the best practices, techniques and equipment in the execution of all projects.
  5. To deliver services at the best competitive prices to the client
  6. To always adopt strategies that will add value to all clients.
  7. To emerge as a responsible member of the society by adopting corporate social responsibility measures in host communities.

Our Core Values

As a summary, the core values with which we operate are:

G – Good corporate citizens

I – Integrity

V – Value-adding

E – Environmental-friendly

P – Professionalism